About the Museum

The museum opened in 1982, December 16.  At the opening ceremony, which was held with great solemnity took part Soviet state and party prominent figures, significant writers, artists and USSR cosmonauts who had great contribution in Armenian and Russian peoples friendship strengthening.


The main goal of the museum function was to strengthen and to show up the Armenian and Russian peoples centuries-old friendship, historical relations between the two peoples, the conservation of museum subjects and museum collections, which present cultural affairs, discovery and collection, study and proclamation.
According to the goals of its activity the organization holds out the physical preservation of museum objects and museum collections, also the conservation of museum objects and restoration, which are attached to the organization. Also measures on museum objects’ complementation through presentation, testamentary and delivery are provided. The accounting of the museum objects /permanent or temporary protection/ is provided, the aim of it is the enrichment of the exhibits, this is also fixed to the organizations obligations.  
The museum organizes permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as exhibitions, organized to show the objects and museum collections, which belong to the attached to the organization juridical and physical individuals, provides their availability.
The museum performs scientific-training and scientific-research works. It organizes lectures, meetings, conferences, prepares and publishes scientific works, monograms, articles, anthologies, guides, catalogues, as well as information and advertisement materials, concerning the activity of the organization. It creates the prosperous programs of its basic current activity and social economic development, cooperates with other museums, with the aim to work-out and fulfill the museum activity’s theoretical and scientific-practical problems cooperatively.